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A few words about myself and the Suzuki Method...

I started at the age of 10 in the Hampton Roads public school system in Virginia. So I did not grow up learning the Suzuki Method nor did I have any formal private instructions until college. I was trained "traditionally" with other methods. It was until my 2nd Master's degree for Violin Pedagogy that I had to explore all of the possible violin methods out there that I started learning more about the Suzuki method. Getting a Violin Performance degree taught me how to prepare myself to perform and how to become a better violinist. Getting a Violin Pedagogy degree taught me how to become a well rounded and informed applied violin teacher. Pursuing Suzuki Training taught me the differences between a "traditional" mindset to developing a "Suzuki" heart in teaching young children through music, to grow and develop a beautiful heart as good human beings. Even to this day, I remember all of my school teachers who have helped me enjoy learning music through the violin from when I started. I hope to be one of those teachers who made a difference in a child's life as they grow up and look back in their past.

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