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On Sundays there are two locations you can park and they are free to the public: the parking Garage across the police station, or the church's reserved parking space up across the street from the main church. Here are pictures below as a guide to find parking. I hope these will help, as I had trouble finding the church's parking lot at first.

Asbury United Methodist Church - Parking Options

Asbury United Methodist Church

100-101 West All Saints & Court Streets

or 101 West All Saints Street

Frederick, MD 21701

#1 Asbury United Methodist Church

​​Here is the front of the church.


The front of the church is to the left of this picture, if you happen to be on this side of the street, you can make a right turn on this street (Ice Street) to get to the church's parking space, which you will see it to the right side of the new street.


Go into Ice Street to use the church's parking lot, it'll be on the right side.

#4 Ice Street Parking Lot

This is the entrance to the church's parking lot.

#5 OPTION 2 Parking

​​OPTION 2: Turn left from this street into Cork Street, and you'll see the road in the next picture.


OPTIONS 2: Parking Garage, free on Sundays but the walk is further than from the church's parking space. The brick building on the left of the picture is the side of the church. Keep driving down this road and you'll see the parking garage on the right side.


Court Street Parking Garage

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