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Rights vs Privileges


This is mainly of concern with make-up lessons as well as recital participation.


*Rights are available to all people no matter what.

*Privileges are special rights that I have made available to select individuals.


Examples of Rights:

  • You have the right to sign up for lessons or discontinue lessons.

  • You have the right to show up (or not) for your scheduled/paid lesson time.

  • If a student is not ready to play in a recital, they have the right not to participate - I will not force them.

  • You have the right to be happy.


Examples of Privileges:

  • You are allowed to participate in student recitals by approval/permission from the teacher.

  • Or the teacher is allowing the student to participate in student recitals based on teacher approval.

  • The teacher is allowing limited make-up lessons, instead of no make-up lessons at all. However, the teacher is also allowed to exercise the no make-up policy after the limit has been fulfilled.

  • If a student is not ready to play in a recital, then I will not allow them to participate, even if they want to.



The following are examples of false rights:

  • Some parents feel their child is entitled/have the right to participate in my student recitals even if they have not put in the practicing at home.

  • Some people feel that if they forgot to attend a scheduled lesson (or decided to go to the mall or some other event), they are guaranteed/entitled to or have the right to a make-up lesson without limit, no matter what.

  • Some people feel that they only need to pay for the lessons they attend, and disregard the reserved scheduled lesson time/day.



from Differences between Rights and Privileges

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