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Missed lessons, make-up lessons, switching lessons, etc.



Hello everyone,



To help you have a little more flexibility in rescheduling lessons if you need to miss your lesson time, I will have all student/family contact information available in a secure passworded page on my website for you to contact and switch lesson times.



The secure webpage to view lesson contact information is:!lesson-contacts/cfrp   Please feel free to bookmark this for easy access.


The password is: pepperoni pizza (all lower case)



Contact information will be updated as soon as I receive them.



As a courtesy reminder about the missed lesson policy, please visit:!music--arts-students/c2120



If you need to miss a lesson for whatever reason, instead of contacting me, you may view the webpage containing student's lesson days/times and their family's contact information for you to schedule a lesson switch. This lesson switch is not a permanent switch in lesson day/time. It will only be for whatever date/time both parties agree with. It's important to contact me once you've made changes in your schedule about a switch.


If you choose to not participate in having your contact information available in the roster, then you will not have the option of switching lessons/having a make-up lesson. The option of switching lessons with another student is your opportunity to have a make-up lesson on another day/time that is not your usual lesson day/time. Thank you for your understanding!


Things to keep in mind:

  • I teach in Germantown Music & Arts on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

  • I teach in South Frederick Music & Arts on Tuesdays

  • I teach in North Frederick Music & Arts on Wednesdays and Sundays


If you need to miss a lesson and your normal lessons are in Germantown for example, you should be looking into contacting families that are in my Germantown teaching days. Mostly because they will be more than likely to switch lesson times with you, than say if you are trying to get a North Frederick family to come down to Germantown.




If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you.




Rowell Jao


Cell#: 757-779-7815

Music& Arts Violin/Viola Instructor

Master of Music in Violin Pedagogy

Master of Music in Violin Performance

Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance

Registered Suzuki Violin Teacher

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